Easy Delivery – Delivery Management Software

Easy Delivery is the draft name for my current programming project. It is a software which help companies managing their deliveries. The software comes in two parts:
A desktop application desktop built with Microsoft tools deals with the delivery management, helps users to analyse the best route available and display real time information on drivers location. While a mobile application, location aware installed on each driver handheld systems registered in real time their locations.


Who am I

David is an IT enthusiast from Portugal, currently working with an IT consulting company for several financial institutions. This site is about his side projects. This is his presentation card.

Quick Bio:

David Domingues received a university diploma in computer science from the university of Franche Conté (IUFC) in France and a Master’s degree in business IT from Louis Pergaud College in Besançon France. He has been working in several company both in France and Portugal. Currently working in a major financial institution managing a key project, he is also developing several side projects within a wide range of up to date technologies.